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A Comprehensive Guide to Down Payment Sources for Homebuyers

When To Expect Your Mortgage Payments To Begin


The final stage of buying a new home is closing, and when you have paid for the closing costs and signed all of the necessary paperwork, you can move into your new home. The loan begins and the sale is considered finalized on the date you close, so a borrower can expect mortgage payments to…

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Improve a Home With an FHA 203K Loan


Are you interested in purchasing a home that is in need of repair or have been wanting to make some renovations to your current property? If you need some financial assistance with home renovations, you may want to consider applying for an FHA 203K loan. If you are interested in buying a home that is…

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Buying a Home With a Conventional Loan


Have you decided that you are ready to become a homeowner, and are trying to determine what type of mortgage will best suit your situation? Conventional loans can be an excellent financing option that offer great rates and terms and are completely backed by private lenders. If you are interested in buying a home in…

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How Does Your Credit Score Affect Mortgage Rates?


When you are purchasing a home, the interest rate of your mortgage will impact the overall amount that you will have to pay for your property throughout the duration of your loan. A borrower’s credit score directly affects mortgage rate pricing, and the higher your credit score is, the better interest rates you will be…

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Purchasing a More Expensive Home With a Jumbo Loan


Are you interested in buying a luxury home that is in a higher price range? Housing prices have increased steadily around the United States since the pandemic, and perhaps you may need to use a jumbo loan to help purchase your ideal home. A jumbo loan is designed to finance a property that is considered too…

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Buying a Home Using a Fixed Rate Mortgage


When you buy a home, the type of interest rate that you select will determine how much you will ultimately spend on the property and is an important factor to consider when you are determining what kind of financing option you will obtain. One popular type of interest rate is a fixed rate mortgage, which…

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