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Earning Extra Income With Real Estate in California

Earning Extra Income With Real Estate in California


Are you a current homeowner interested in earning some supplemental income, are you interested in relocating to a different residence, or are you running into challenges selling your home at the moment? If any of these scenarios describe your current situation, you may want to consider transforming your current home into a rental property. If…

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VA Home Loan Benefits for Military Members


Have you served or are you currently serving in the military, and interested in becoming a homeowner? The Department of Veterans Affairs, (VA), administers VA loans to help out people who have served our country buy their own home. With this type of loan, many applicants are able to secure 100% financing when they qualify.…

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Using a Reverse Mortgage to Buy a Home


Are you a senior citizen interested in purchasing a new home? If so, you may be able to convert the equity that you have already established in your current home into the opportunity to live in a new home with no extra mortgage fees. A loan known as a reverse mortgage for purchase is one…

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Loan Options for a Rental Property


Are you curious about buying a rental property in order to enhance your current income? Investing in a home in order to resell it or rent it out to others can be an excellent way to increase your incoming cash flow, however, funding the investment costs a substantial amount of money. If you are interested…

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Student Loan Debt and Buying a Home


Do you have the goal of owning your own home, but worried that you may not be able to afford it because you owe money on student loans? Although debt from student loans can significantly impact your finances, there is still a chance for you to own your own home. If you have student loans…

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The Costs Associated With Buying a Home With a VA Loan


VA loans are a great way for current military service members and veterans to purchase a new home because they do not require a down payment. However, recipients of VA loans are still responsible for paying closing cost fees in most cases, which can add on a significant cost for a home buyer. Luckily, there…

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The Perks of Buying a Home During Winter Months


Buying a Home During Winter Months Have you decided that you are ready to purchase a home, but wondering what time of year is the best time to do so? Many people tend to put off buying a home until the spring and summer months, but buying your home in winter could offer you several…

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Reaching Your Financial Goals By Refinancing Your Mortgage


Do you currently own a home, and are interested in refinancing your mortgage in order to improve your financial situation? When you refinance your mortgage, you can get help reaching your financial goals while still maintaining flexibility by replacing your existing loan with a new one. There are two main types of mortgage refinances, a…

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Use Your 401K Plan for a Down Payment


Finding Ways to Fund the Purchase of a Home Purchasing a home is an investment that comes with many financial obligations, and one cost that many homebuyers are concerned about is how they will afford the down payment amount. If your employer offers a retirement plan, you may be able to use your 401K plan…

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Using Your Mortgage to Consolidate Debt


Do you currently own your own home, and are you looking for a way to consolidate the debt you owe? One way you can manage your debt is to use your mortgage and the equity you have built up in your home to increase your cash flow. If you own a home in San Luis…

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